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Branding your startup with social media


Social Brand Identity Social media can be your distinct advantage to expand brand awareness and lead generation for your startup. The best part is it is a cost-effective medium of promotion. It is a mandatory channel that you SHOULD utilize. It has become a channel that you MUST use. It is the most famous and viable medium to communicate with your intended interest group and build your image...

What Multi-Cloud means to the non-IT executive?


Cloud-based services are the buzzwords nowadays. Every new software or Software as a Service (SaaS) provision is being made cloud-accessible so that it automatically integrates with the global network. If your startup engages in providing IT-based solutions, your entire executive workforce needs to be well-versed with the cloud-based utilities and the related services. IT-based solutions are...

Accelerators vs. Incubators


As an entrepreneur, you would have certainly heard of the concepts of accelerators and incubators, which even though are easily mistaken to be synonymous, are in fact two very different things. Both offer startups with great opportunities in the early stages and help them grow their business quickly. An added bonus is that if you have been a part of either of them, the better your chances of...

5 Indian women who made it big with their start-ups


Being a man and an entrepreneur, I can say this – women do not have it easy. I read this article in Forbes and Vaishali Neotia (co-founder of AR and VR start-up Merxius) pretty much summarised the tip of the iceberg, by sayin “Men are questioned about ambition, growth and prosperity, while women are questioned about stability, safety and security. The bias is more prominent if the woman is...

8 Start-up metrics every entrepreneur should know about


As an entrepreneur, you are probably breathing metrics every single day; and why shouldn’t you? After all, they literally define the health of your business. It is imperative that you take the time and gauge through these critical data points that delineate and monitor the success of your start-up. Believe me, they are probably more important than running after the right talent or chasing funding...

Top 5 Takeaways from the Aggregator Business Model


The ‘Aggregator Model’ is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and consumers alike, with at least one brand for every sector – from transportation (Ola, Uber), services (UrbanClap), groceries (Big Basket, Grofers), fitness (Fitternity), hotels (Airbnb, Oyo) and more. For the consumer, it is the convenience that is attractive, for the entrepreneur, it is the large...

Making it Pitch Perfect – 10 ideas to help you deliver your business idea


Your pitch is what stands between your business idea getting off the ground or being banished into oblivion. Hence, it matters and what’s more, it matters the most. Veterans of the industry have often described the process of the pitch as ‘pretty much like online dating’, where the only thing that matters at first is that you are either hot or not. If you are lucky, then eventually you will find...

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