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A technology evangelist who has played the role of virtual CTO of over a dozen tech start-ups globally, with several of them now becoming renowned names in their verticals. I’m a digital professional, leader and strategist. Most of my colleagues and gurus say am expert in business communications, product management, User product design, startup strategies, creative direction and process design. I love making new networks or professional tie-ups. You can reach out to me if you want to talk numbers, technology, usability or movies.

AN “E” FOR ENTREPRENEUR AND “C” FOR CEO; how are they different?  


Most people will tell you that if you are an entrepreneur, you are genetically a CEO material and vice-versa. I feel that a CEO is vividly different from an entrepreneur and it is time you knew which one are you?! I have been a passionate businessman or an entrepreneur or a Founder, as they say, today and have built companies and products from ground-up. This is what makes me a businessman or an...

The Digital War Room at Each Start-Up


There was a time when all you needed to start a business was an office space with computers, fax machines, and some telephone lines. Now if you’re thinking of going down the start-up lane, you’ll need a lot more. In the fast-paced and influencing world of business, the rate at which technology is advancing is one of the most important and rapid changes we have witnessed. This is why you need to...

Entrepreneurs vs Businessmen


When children are asked about what they want to become when they grow up, you’ll hear answers like pilot, cricketer, or astronaut. How often do they come up with – entrepreneur or businessman – as the answer? Almost never. Here, I would like to point out that it seems they mean the same thing, but they aren’t. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg. All of us aspire to be like them and not just...

The New Methodology of Digital Businesses


We are currently living in the digital age where technology impacts us in ways that we can’t imagine life without it. From hailing taxis from the side of the footpath to letting an app do the same for us, there is an app for almost everything. The digital transformation adds value to your business by engaging talented employees, improving customer experience, and driving profitable business...

Why is it always the right time for a start-up?


Most companies that begin as start-ups end up failing during the initial few years due to various reasons like poor management or less investment. But with the right set of products and services, efficient operation and execution as well as strong leadership, few of them set a benchmark and go on to become the next big success story. Take for example – Zomato, Ola cabs, Paytm – all of which have...

How should you see the industry-economic slowdown?


Indian economy is facing the worst growth slowdown in years, with Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar saying the ongoing financial crisis in India is “unprecedented.” Even Moody’s Investors Service has slashed India’s GDP growth rate to 6.2 for the year 2019 against the earlier projection of 6.8. The impact of economic slowdown Several sectors, including automobile and...

Alphabet Factory | Service with Purpose


Benjamin Franklin meant a lot than just this – “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The Indian Education industry has grown four folds in the last decade and continues to inspire global leaders to create a drift in the system with products of value based on technology. The Unsettling Drift: The settling of Learning domain in the Indian education ecosystem is known to all...

Rajul’s Pine Labs; touching every walk of life through digital payment infrastructure


Remember the particular date of November 08, 2016 in the context of the India Economy? Most of us Indians can never forget that date. The reason is simple… The biggest ever Demonetization Drive is popularly known as “DeMo” was announced that changed the course of the Black – Money or Parallel Economy in India. The volume of liquidity (cash money) in circulation, in the denominations of INR...

SHEROES – The inspiring Sairee’s story you cannot miss


In recent years, the entire world was hit by a huge wave of the #MeToo movement. Later, it turned out to be an impactful revolution among the womenfolk, especially those, who kept silent or were pressurized in one or more ways to stay mum over sexual misconducts/harassments at workplaces. This movement has somewhat diluted to an awareness campaign now but still alive & kicking. Over the years...

Swiggy – The failure’s story of success


In June, food-delivery startup Swiggy entered the Unicorn Club when it raised US$ 210 million in a funding round led by Naspers and DST Global. Swiggy has changed the way Indians now order food online. The company was reportedly valued at US$ 1.3 billion at the time. There is more to the story that you do not know about. Swiggy has travelled and transformed a long way from a bootstrapped business...

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