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AN “E” FOR ENTREPRENEUR AND “C” FOR CEO; how are they different?  


Most people will tell you that if you are an entrepreneur, you are genetically a CEO material and vice-versa. I feel that a CEO is vividly different from an entrepreneur and it is time you knew which one are you?! I have been a passionate businessman or an entrepreneur or a Founder, as they say, today and have built companies and products from ground-up. This is what makes me a businessman or an...

The Digital War Room at Each Start-Up


There was a time when all you needed to start a business was an office space with computers, fax machines, and some telephone lines. Now if you’re thinking of going down the start-up lane, you’ll need a lot more. In the fast-paced and influencing world of business, the rate at which technology is advancing is one of the most important and rapid changes we have witnessed. This is why you need to...

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