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Benjamin Franklin meant a lot than just this – “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

The Indian Education industry has grown four folds in the last decade and continues to inspire global leaders to create a drift in the system with products of value based on technology.

The Unsettling Drift:

The settling of Learning domain in the Indian education ecosystem is known to all. With the global education market in emerging technologies striving to grow to a dashing $180 Billion by 2020, the market is far from just captured. This layered market is a lead prospect for everyone who comes in with innovative ideas that can create a drift. Alphabet Factory is doing just that!

Alphabet Factory specializes in producing expert-level content leveraging a band of SME’s focussed on delivering courses on emerging technologies. They had focussed on becoming an end-to-end service provider with their target audience spanning from premier universities, educational institutes, corporates, B-B and even individuals (I mean B-C)

Each day, Alphabet Factory aspires to take a leap by challenging its own milestones and deliver balanced content which is industry-specific and transforms professionals into industry-ready individuals. By serving the B2B, B2C and C2C segments, Alphabet Factory has slowly spread its roots, after having a fair amount of struggle, in almost all domains of business operations. What began as a dream soon turned into an idea that is serving thousands today and will notch the point where it serves millions. 

The Problem-solver Factory: 

Alphabet Factory’s operations span across the domestic market as well as the International forum and to countries like the USA, the UK, Latin America, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore while keeping the entire globe on their radar for serving the best, authentic content that can help individuals learn and grow in their fields. 

Foreseeing the dilemma of educating the individuals with the right knowledge, Alphabet Factory aims to deliver specialized technical content to students who are joining colleges for professional courses. It ensures that the right skill is provided to these future graduates by serving them with the exact market requirements in terms of technical education and hands-on labs. 

While the entire global audience seeks informative education especially in emerging technology, Alphabet Factory ensures it is striking the right chord by providing what is needed. 

The Master Factory:

Alphabet Factory has partnered with brands of stature and served each of them with a value proposition of a long-term relationship. These brands span from International Universities like Universidad Anahuac, Instituto Tecnológico Autonomo de México (ITAM University),

Bennett, Sharda, Amity, MRU, GD Goenka, Ansal Universities and corporates of repute, Adobe, Microsoft, Deloitte, Xebia, Quint, Xamarin etc (Just to name a few)

With the coming of age and concept, Alphabet Factory has delivered numerous courses in emerging technology to these partners and continues to take a forward leap with them by giving them industry’s best. 

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Their dashing achievements and the road ahead:

Alphabet Factory ensured its presence in the Learning market by getting selected in the top 3 spots for the Young Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 (results awaited). 

With a library of courses on ALMOST every emerging technologies, Alphabet Factory aspires to change the landscape of Indian as well as global education system by providing valuable content for learning for individuals, universities, corporates. 

The bootstrapped company became a head-turner by gross revenues in excess of USD 2 Million in only a year of operation. 

I take immense pride in mentoring them to see a larger vision for tomorrow as Alphabet Factory follows an approach-based system where they are poised in putting in efforts to churn out valuable solutions that impact individual lives. The Founder of Alphabet Factory, Aparna Chugh and her team have taken leaps and bounds to broaden the horizon of the company and have reached the unreachable milestones set for themselves. Making themselves mavericks of the business domain they are operating in. 

The individualistic approach and reaching out to key-stake holders in the industry is what inspires me the most about Alphabet Factory. And as it has been said, 

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways. – Richard Branson.


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