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Resource management and your OP-EX


What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear/read the word – Resource…? Is it capital… investment… workforce… raw materials… corporate / business contacts… technology… innovation… or the combination of all? Actually, it is everything mentioned above! Startups may or may not be resourcefully very sound and established; that’s why...

Innovation in your entrepreneurship Vs. Innovative entrepreneurship


The terms Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Innovative Entrepreneurship can be considered as a three-tier sandwich with three distinct layers and each layer being different from the adjacent one. The layers are neither identical nor miscible. So, each holds a different meaning altogether. Let’s deal with them separately and then later in differences. What is Innovation? Dictionary meaning gives...

Innovative economics & The role of an innovative entrepreneur


The buzzword is “Innovation.” It appears like every business enthusiast is running after it, to implement it anyhow, to his / her entrepreneurial setup. And why shouldn’t it be a wild goose chase for innovation? People (rather customers & clients) are literally bored of either obsolete, similar in appearance or repetitive marketing campaigns. To them, in the crude sense, innovation means...

Backing up your files: The story of every start-up and how well each one fares on their model of operation.


Start-ups are similar to mushrooms and operating a start-up is similar to mushroom farming. What are the differences, then? Well, for the farming business, while you require suitable environment & temperature along with water, soil & fertilizers; running a start-up requires long-term planning & compatible organizational structure along with skilled workforce and capital/investment...

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