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Revolution and evolution of your start-up and the ground up scalability and sustainability factorials

Start-ups are not perceived as just randomly sprouting business entities of the corporate world anymore. They are now observed and analyzed as the feed-points of job-hungry & unemployed people. Another point-of-view about the start-ups of today is that they are serving the greater good; bringing down the rate of unemployment faster than ever before. In the context of the Indian business world, where the majority of the unemployed population is either unskilled or semi-skilled, start-ups are the elixir of revival for all of them. A great many numbers of different types of hybrid business models have been introduced in the business world since the advent of start-ups. The start-ups are running worldwide on the zoom mode, vroom mode & shroom mode.

Zoom mode; start-ups either go up (successful in the establishment as a brand) or go down (rejected and shut down… later restarted with a different model of operation) in a very limited and tight timespan at an incredibly fast pace.

Vroom mode; start-ups, once initiated, are always planned to grow by leaps & bounds if not exponentially or overnight. Although, it may not happen to everyone.

Shroom mode; start-ups, since the beginning, have created a domino effect over business-minded people. One takes up something, another takes up a similar or different thing. Just like wild mushrooms, they are sprouting everywhere. But, it’s not jealousy that drives the urge here; it’s mostly a healthy sense of competitiveness!

Coming to the moot points of discussion here – the SCALABILITY & SUSTAINABILITY of your start-ups. Let’s understand the terms first.

In simplest words of understanding, Scalability is an advantage or disadvantage that the business entities comes face-to-face with as and while it expands or grows larger in the market. Scaling is now considered an important aspect of many phases of running a business like planning, strategy development, and market competition evaluation. A “scalable business” enjoys accelerated competitive advantages as it grows.

On the other hand. Sustainability is the “timespan of survival” for a business entity from the regular & frequent onslaughts of market-based competitions, risks, disruptive strategies & meltdown. A sustainable business tends to stay functional for longer periods of time as compared to other start-ups.

Both these elements are crucial, for start-ups. As entrepreneurs, they must be in your rulebook.

One additional thing, be serious about your start-up. Taking the competition or the motive of a steadfast business establishment lightly or treating it with loosely ended plans & strategies will leave you thrown out of the mainstream business line. And believe me, the recovery is either very time-taking or quite near to impossible; because there are always a number of start-ups present at any given time to replace/buy yours.


Not to discourage you, but the reality and the truth, both are hard-hitting and cruel. Survival is definitely a thing in the world today; be it of a human or a start-up. You don’t work hard enough for a day for your start-up to evolve; you will be pushed 10 days back by other ones who have. So, sweat for it..!

Evolution of a start-up is not a one-day phenomenon. It is a perpetual process of learning and growing with time; just like the growth of a teenager into an adult. In both the cases, one has to go through a lot of struggling and frustrating phases. The key is to stay calm and flow with the wind. Prioritize the issues and with a focused approach, work on them with fullest dedication & determination.

The term “ground-up” is for start-ups only: –

Both sound rhythmically perfect and as a matter of fact, are made for each other.

Ground-up literally means starting from a scratch. Ground means the foundation and up refers to adding to the base. It should not be misunderstood for “to infinity & beyond” because infinity cannot be scaled. Rather, it exhibits the fundamental approach to start or initiate something worthwhile; a start-up with evolutionary and promising development.

Many start-ups don’t even survive to last for 2-3 quarters of a single business year; leave alone the dreams of telling the success stories, giving interviews & being ranked and pictured in top magazines. Start-ups should not be perceived as dream-crushers, I’ll give a BIG no to that. Although, entrepreneurship comes heavily loaded with a variety of risks.

The era is dawning as that of the advent of neo-entrepreneurship. One, where risks exist but along with those leadership stalwarts that tackle them skillfully, as they approach. During the risks is developing as an art for the neo-entrepreneurs. The key to the locks of untapped potential success rests in the hands of such people. It’s totally up to you, to either find them or be one of them..!

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A technology evangelist who has played the role of virtual CTO of over a dozen tech start-ups globally, with several of them now becoming renowned names in their verticals. I’m a digital professional, leader and strategist. Most of my colleagues and gurus say am expert in business communications, product management, User product design, startup strategies, creative direction and process design.

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