“BLESSED” to have you by my side…Chitra Gali”

“My gratitude for having met you in surpassed only by my amazement at the joy you bring to my life.”

A woman is everything. A dear daughter, a supporting sister, an endearing friend, and a compassionate wife. Women are the core of every, and they balance it with such ease that every thread finds its loop into the knit they weave all their life. As a wife, women are amazingly beautiful, affectionate, dependable and a hinge to the family as well as professional lives. Not just their man’s but in their own as well.

Chitra Gali

My wife’s self-confidence

As a Wife, she provides confidence by simply recognizing what you do and never putting your ideas to rest or not to talk about them. A woman or merely a wife who understands your plan will give you the confidence you need to go forward. My marriage with Chitra was a turn around factor in life. I can never truly express my gratitude for her support because she has devoted her life to my success. I can genuinely say that I am the most married man in the world.

My ambition and drive come from her

If today, I stand fueled with dedication in work and purpose it is because Chitra saw something special in me and she shared her vision I had for myself. She has been providing a sounding board in all the ideas I have and working around ideas to make everything a grand success. It so happens that our ambition consumes us and we might end up taking hasty decisions. But with a life-partner like Chitra on my side; she can help refine and focus this drive instead of making it hasty.

Her tremendous support is my fuel

To be blessed with an exceptional wife who is there to listen, ideate, help and deal with your issues is a great thing to have in life. Such a partner would offer emotional support, professional ideas, widen your horizon of thoughts and help you feel better about yourself. There are times when one needs to refuel their emotional tanks to fulfill their professional goals, and this is where your partner’s support can help you stride better. Chitra’s support in my personal, as well as professional life, has been limitless. Even professionally as a full stack nuclear programmer, working with top-notch agencies like Madras Atomic Power Station, NPCIL, ECIL, etc. Chitra has ALWAYS kept our personal life immiscible from it and supported mine like a rock.

Everyone’s role model

The most important character is maintaining as well as the perfect BALANCE between your personal & professional life. As husbands, we may fall short of subtle understanding of the various complexities a wife has to go and even make through them in day-to-day life. A wife often finds herself destined and fated to organize, stabilize and oxidize her family with utmost dedication and commitment. She has flawlessly managed both thoroughgoing professional timelines as well as exhaustive personal household chores. My wife, Chitra, left her professional front to ideally bring up our children; nurturing both ethics as well as virtues within their characters; making them better and better with each passing day. She has excellently and admirably performed each of these roles that if I quote her to be a role model for all the women out there, I am NOT AT ALL exaggerating; not even a bit. The journey of life has been an inspirational one with her.

In Chitra, more than my wife, I find my best friend and the best human being I have met in my life. She has perfected the roles of a loving daughter, a compassionate friend, a dedicated mother and a loyal wife. I wish a long, happy, prosperous & progressive life to her with greetings of happy birthday! I want to happiness, success, prosperity, joyful-mirth & loving-warmth filled birthday greetings to you. Till date, together, we have shared so much between us… so many memories that I find this lifetime insufficient to cherish & relish all of them. In my personal opinion, you have PERFECTED every role the life has organized for you.

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