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Neo-mode of entrepreneurship


Revolution and evolution of your start-up and the ground up scalability and sustainability factorials Start-ups are not perceived as just randomly sprouting business entities of the corporate world anymore. They are now observed and analyzed as the feed-points of job-hungry & unemployed people. Another point-of-view about the start-ups of today is that they are serving the greater good;...

“BLESSED” to have you by my side…Chitra Gali”

“My gratitude for having met you in surpassed only by my amazement at the joy you bring to my life.” A woman is everything. A dear daughter, a supporting sister, an endearing friend, and a compassionate wife. Women are the core of every, and they balance it with such ease that every thread finds its loop into the knit they weave all their life. As a wife, women are amazingly beautiful...

Thought leadership – SCALING BUSINESS


Before we dive-in to the depths of how Thought Leaders scale any business and / or alter its scaling based on various deterministic parameters, let us first know about the basic idea of scaling, the logic behind it as well as those deterministic parameters that scale any business. Related content given as follows – What is Scale or Business Scale? In simplest words of understanding, Business...

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