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What makes entrepreneurs a cut above the rest


I believe that life is too short to be working on someone else’s dreams. There is a certain glamour to running your own business – the feeling of being your own boss and being responsible for others’ livelihoods can give you the high which no other profession can. Moreover, we all know at least one person who impulsively quit his/her high paying job to start something of their own – it is...

How to safeguard your start-up’s ideas


Intellectual Property or IP is the thing that defines your business – the one brilliant idea that makes you a gamechanger in the industry and could be worth millions of big ones. Imagine this, your product is a phenomenal piece of technology and in order to seek an investor, in your gullibility you have happily shared all the finer details of how it works. Suddenly, you realise that the potential...

Accelerators vs. Incubators


As an entrepreneur, you would have certainly heard of the concepts of accelerators and incubators, which even though are easily mistaken to be synonymous, are in fact two very different things. Both offer startups with great opportunities in the early stages and help them grow their business quickly. An added bonus is that if you have been a part of either of them, the better your chances of...

Start-up funding 101: Angel Investors vs Venture Capitalists


You have launched your venture and are slowly and steadily making headway by bootstrapping funds into the business. You are doing great, but it is soon going to be time to pull out the big bucks – something you do not have yet. What do you do? Funding has been accepted as the most important part aspect of setting up a start-up and very rightly so since trends have shown 94% of new businesses fail...

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