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7 Legalities every entrepreneur should know about


As a start-up, your business is probably all set to disrupt the market with its innovation and fresh new ideas. With all that excitement bubbling inside, it is easy to get carried away and overlook the crucial (and often boring) aspects of the legal framework of your company. That is when you get into trouble for ignoring the fine print of a law or have someone take you for a ride as you watch...

Moving towards creating the perfect business plan


Like they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. The goal pretty much remains the same; but if you are having trouble reaching it, it is probably your business plan and not the goal itself. Creating a business plan is the first step for your start-up and very rightly so. It is the thing you do for yourself and your team, to get clarity on what the venture is, what is expected from it and...

7 Identity guidelines to kick-start a start-up.


I would like to begin by quoting from my own experience. Prior to the debut of my first venture, I did not prioritise its branding at all and 15 days before D-day, I realised I had nothing on its brand identity. Of course, we did a hurried job and came up with something but looking back, I may have wanted to it differently. But unfortunately, whatever I did, it stuck and it was too late to make...

Putting together the dream team for your business


As a founder of your own venture, you are probably more emotionally attached to the business than any other relationship you have ever been in. The business strategy, the product, pitches and plans for funding amongst other things often end up stealing the limelight (and your attention) more than another very important aspect – the team. I truly believe that it is the team that helps you make it...

5 Indian women who made it big with their start-ups


Being a man and an entrepreneur, I can say this – women do not have it easy. I read this article in Forbes and Vaishali Neotia (co-founder of AR and VR start-up Merxius) pretty much summarised the tip of the iceberg, by sayin “Men are questioned about ambition, growth and prosperity, while women are questioned about stability, safety and security. The bias is more prominent if the woman is...

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