Directors: Your DIN is not your identity


DIN or the Director Identification Number is a unique ID number (8-digit number with lifetime validity) provided to the existing or a potential Director of any business entity. As an amendment in the year 2006, DIN was introduced after the addition of section 266A and 266B to the Companies Act, 1956. DIN was created to serve a similar purpose like any other identification tag; to provide...

Moving SAP and other legacy apps to the cloud


Before we dive-in for thoroughly understanding the topic of discussion, let’s discuss a few things that are composing it; SAP, Legacy apps and Cloud.   SAP: SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications, and Products. SAP is popularly known for its ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning as well as Data Management programs. SAP incorporates the key and crucial business functions of any business...

Modern data protection summary


What drives the digitized world? What runs the online businesses; the wireless enterprises; the web marketplaces; the E-commerce platforms; the entire modern business world (mostly app and web-based)? Just the entrepreneurs? No. The skilled human resources? No. It’s data! Gigabytes of data streams make to-and-fro trips across the internet with each passing second. Billions of binary codes...

Tax Management in your startup


Initiating a startup is an enthusiastic, visionary and a relatively exciting move for any budding entrepreneur. Startups are not at all easy to operate in a highly modernized, extensively digitized and intensely competitive market. The adrenaline rush to stay ahead of the potential competitors often leads to missing out on a few very crucial aspects. One of those things is Tax Management. Many-a...

Your start-up: Four steps to getting everything under control


“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…one step at a time.” – Joe Girard Being part of the founder’s community, I think startup entrepreneurs were smarter for every new venture they bring on the table. They know the exact value of pre-money and post-money valuations. Your dream and your idea are enough to start a business. Your...

Resource management and your OP-EX


What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear/read the word – Resource…? Is it capital… investment… workforce… raw materials… corporate / business contacts… technology… innovation… or the combination of all? Actually, it is everything mentioned above! Startups may or may not be resourcefully very sound and established; that’s why...

Innovation in your entrepreneurship Vs. Innovative entrepreneurship


The terms Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Innovative Entrepreneurship can be considered as a three-tier sandwich with three distinct layers and each layer being different from the adjacent one. The layers are neither identical nor miscible. So, each holds a different meaning altogether. Let’s deal with them separately and then later in differences. What is Innovation? Dictionary meaning gives...

Innovative economics & The role of an innovative entrepreneur


The buzzword is “Innovation.” It appears like every business enthusiast is running after it, to implement it anyhow, to his / her entrepreneurial setup. And why shouldn’t it be a wild goose chase for innovation? People (rather customers & clients) are literally bored of either obsolete, similar in appearance or repetitive marketing campaigns. To them, in the crude sense, innovation means...

Backing up your files: The story of every start-up and how well each one fares on their model of operation.


Start-ups are similar to mushrooms and operating a start-up is similar to mushroom farming. What are the differences, then? Well, for the farming business, while you require suitable environment & temperature along with water, soil & fertilizers; running a start-up requires long-term planning & compatible organizational structure along with skilled workforce and capital/investment...

Neo-mode of entrepreneurship


Revolution and evolution of your start-up and the ground up scalability and sustainability factorials Start-ups are not perceived as just randomly sprouting business entities of the corporate world anymore. They are now observed and analyzed as the feed-points of job-hungry & unemployed people. Another point-of-view about the start-ups of today is that they are serving the greater good;...

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